Looking For Balance

Taking too much on has always been my kryptonite. With two incredible jobs something had got to give. Developing a strong work ethic is one of the most important things to establish while on placement. And it can prove so difficult, learning about the other staff, navigating through the politics of professionalism and just beingContinue reading “Looking For Balance”

Joining a New Team & staying busy: Cinemagic Bootcamp

TEAM “Together Everyone Achieves More” From the first day I started I was welcomed to the team at OI, the work itself was not adventurous I sewed fro 7 hours a day, but the people, thats what made me come into work with a smile on my face. What I discovered as well was thatContinue reading “Joining a New Team & staying busy: Cinemagic Bootcamp”

First Week of Placement

The first few weeks of working at Outside In were a lot, it was such a creative environment and I quickly discovered that a lot of the team is also quite new. this put me a bit more at ease. With the Christmas market around the corner and collections piling up there was a lotContinue reading “First Week of Placement”