MÁLA Website Development and Product Prototyping

With the pandemic in full swing I decided to leave Belfast and go back home. From there I took a lot of Zoom meeting with Oliwia an Interaction Design student who took on the building of our website while I took on the design of the website. There was a lot of going back andContinue reading “MÁLA Website Development and Product Prototyping”

Beginning of Young Enterprise: The Birth of MÀLA

My adventure with Young Enterprise started in late November 2019, I was not really involved in the innovation of a product we were thinking of making. Between Placement and work I hadn’t had a lot of time left, so I only consulted on design aspects of the product. The original idea was to create aContinue reading “Beginning of Young Enterprise: The Birth of MÀLA”

ULSTER MUSEUM: volunteering opportunity

While I continued my work at OI I decided to search for opportunities in other sectors. I got an email about a volunteering opportunity at Ulster Museum. Something I was trying to get involved with for a long time because I love research and want to explore the archives at the Ulster Museum. I hadContinue reading “ULSTER MUSEUM: volunteering opportunity”

Happy 2020

New year came so quickly one moment its Christmas the next I’m already half way through January. With the new year came aspirations to do great things. At Outside In we were thinking bigger then ever before, at Wed2B we had our busiest period. I was going 100 miles an hour, from meeting to sewingContinue reading “Happy 2020”

First Given Night with the Oi Team

At Outside In, the concept of Wear One Share One was something I was introduced to very early. This concept has a given aspect and if the person wanted the brand could do the giving on their behalf. The idea of going out into the streets and interact with the homeless is one of David’sContinue reading “First Given Night with the Oi Team”

Joining a New Team & staying busy: Cinemagic Bootcamp

TEAM “Together Everyone Achieves More” From the first day I started I was welcomed to the team at OI, the work itself was not adventurous I sewed fro 7 hours a day, but the people, thats what made me come into work with a smile on my face. What I discovered as well was thatContinue reading “Joining a New Team & staying busy: Cinemagic Bootcamp”

First Week of Placement

The first few weeks of working at Outside In were a lot, it was such a creative environment and I quickly discovered that a lot of the team is also quite new. this put me a bit more at ease. With the Christmas market around the corner and collections piling up there was a lotContinue reading “First Week of Placement”

Opportunity Comes From The Best Of Places

I honestly didn’t know what to do about the lack of internship, I thought about going home, I thought about going abroad, I was waiting for an opportunity and Belfast Design Week was just that. It was the perfect networking opportunity, a few days later I was contacted about a Seamstress position by a streetwearContinue reading “Opportunity Comes From The Best Of Places”

The Start of Placement: Belfast Design Week, Fashion and Textile Society

No one said it was going to be easy, actually if I recall correctly most people said its quite difficult, I went to countless interviews and applied to at least two dozen places, costume design, textiles like weave and print production, active wear brands, independent boutiques the list goes on.

Parisian moment before placement.

Before the official start of placement, our Course Director organised a group trip to Paris. This trip was educational but it also showed a Parisian dream. I think at least once in the life of a designer theres that moment when you wish to be in Paris. To live and breath the culture. This wasContinue reading “Parisian moment before placement.”