International Women’s Day

With International Women Day, approaching I wanted to make the best of it, there’s a lot of different events happening in Belfast to celebrate women. One of which is the annual Women Who Code Conference, I signed up for a day of celebration. Another event was with Ladies that UX and then another with WomenfolkContinue reading “International Women’s Day”

Joining a New Team & staying busy: Cinemagic Bootcamp

TEAM “Together Everyone Achieves More” From the first day I started I was welcomed to the team at OI, the work itself was not adventurous I sewed fro 7 hours a day, but the people, thats what made me come into work with a smile on my face. What I discovered as well was thatContinue reading “Joining a New Team & staying busy: Cinemagic Bootcamp”

First Week of Placement

The first few weeks of working at Outside In were a lot, it was such a creative environment and I quickly discovered that a lot of the team is also quite new. this put me a bit more at ease. With the Christmas market around the corner and collections piling up there was a lotContinue reading “First Week of Placement”

Opportunity Comes From The Best Of Places

I honestly didn’t know what to do about the lack of internship, I thought about going home, I thought about going abroad, I was waiting for an opportunity and Belfast Design Week was just that. It was the perfect networking opportunity, a few days later I was contacted about a Seamstress position by a streetwearContinue reading “Opportunity Comes From The Best Of Places”

The Start of Placement: Belfast Design Week, Fashion and Textile Society

No one said it was going to be easy, actually if I recall correctly most people said its quite difficult, I went to countless interviews and applied to at least two dozen places, costume design, textiles like weave and print production, active wear brands, independent boutiques the list goes on.