MÁLA Website Development and Product Prototyping

With the pandemic in full swing I decided to leave Belfast and go back home. From there I took a lot of Zoom meeting with Oliwia an Interaction Design student who took on the building of our website while I took on the design of the website. There was a lot of going back andContinue reading “MÁLA Website Development and Product Prototyping”

International Women’s Day

With International Women Day, approaching I wanted to make the best of it, there’s a lot of different events happening in Belfast to celebrate women. One of which is the annual Women Who Code Conference, I signed up for a day of celebration. Another event was with Ladies that UX and then another with WomenfolkContinue reading “International Women’s Day”

Beginning of Young Enterprise: The Birth of MÀLA

My adventure with Young Enterprise started in late November 2019, I was not really involved in the innovation of a product we were thinking of making. Between Placement and work I hadn’t had a lot of time left, so I only consulted on design aspects of the product. The original idea was to create aContinue reading “Beginning of Young Enterprise: The Birth of MÀLA”

ULSTER MUSEUM: volunteering opportunity

While I continued my work at OI I decided to search for opportunities in other sectors. I got an email about a volunteering opportunity at Ulster Museum. Something I was trying to get involved with for a long time because I love research and want to explore the archives at the Ulster Museum. I hadContinue reading “ULSTER MUSEUM: volunteering opportunity”

MÁLA Design Thinking

With the end of Young Enterprise Màla won two awards, the Overall Winners of the Final in Northern Ireland and the Digital Presence Awards in the UK Finals. We were extremely proud of our achievements so far. As co-founders we decided to continue with Màla, we applied for the Belfast Enterprise Academy Mentoring Scheme. IContinue reading “MÁLA Design Thinking”

Happy 2020

New year came so quickly one moment its Christmas the next I’m already half way through January. With the new year came aspirations to do great things. At Outside In we were thinking bigger then ever before, at Wed2B we had our busiest period. I was going 100 miles an hour, from meeting to sewingContinue reading “Happy 2020”

Annual Trip to the Coast

After working at OI for 2 months I still felt a bit in the unknown there were systems I didn’t understand yet, but was willing to learn. In early January the entire OI team took a trip up the north coast, to discuss future development of the business. Our hopes and dreams for the yearContinue reading “Annual Trip to the Coast”

First Given Night with the Oi Team

At Outside In, the concept of Wear One Share One was something I was introduced to very early. This concept has a given aspect and if the person wanted the brand could do the giving on their behalf. The idea of going out into the streets and interact with the homeless is one of David’sContinue reading “First Given Night with the Oi Team”

Looking For Balance

Taking too much on has always been my kryptonite. With two incredible jobs something had got to give. Developing a strong work ethic is one of the most important things to establish while on placement. And it can prove so difficult, learning about the other staff, navigating through the politics of professionalism and just beingContinue reading “Looking For Balance”