Beginning of Young Enterprise: The Birth of MÀLA

My adventure with Young Enterprise started in late November 2019, I was not really involved in the innovation of a product we were thinking of making. Between Placement and work I hadn’t had a lot of time left, so I only consulted on design aspects of the product. The original idea was to create a sustainable bag for shopping. That market however, is saturated with sustainable options.

Yet when Katie (one of the co-founders) brought the new concept to me I knew great things were going to happen. By late December we have established what our problem and the solution is. All of us as the co-founders of MÀLA had faced the issue of pockets or the lack of them, therefore. Along with strong sustainability ethic we went on to create a sustainable pocket-bag, the best hybrid between a bag and a pocket. At first we only looked at this product from our perspective, but soon we realised the market potential.

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