Annual Trip to the Coast

After working at OI for 2 months I still felt a bit in the unknown there were systems I didn’t understand yet, but was willing to learn.

In early January the entire OI team took a trip up the north coast, to discuss future development of the business. Our hopes and dreams for the year to come and reflect on the previous year.

The first part of the day was reflecting on what we have achieved so far, what went well and what we could improve on. This was an open critique and I felt at ease to share my views and opinions.

The second part was presentations each department had to present the previous year with all of its ups and downs.

Lastly, we discussed what we hope this next year is going to bring. From the production aspect, from the social impact aspect even in our personal lifes.

It was a great way of starting the year together. The team felt well organised and ready for the year ahead.

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