First Given Night with the Oi Team

At Outside In, the concept of Wear One Share One was something I was introduced to very early. This concept has a given aspect and if the person wanted the brand could do the giving on their behalf.

The idea of going out into the streets and interact with the homeless is one of David’s (founder of Outside In) core belief. As a team we could go out together in Belfast along side our partnering charity to give back and interact with the homeless community.

We received training to know how to approach homeless people, me being a petit female I didn’t have the confidence to approach a grown male but we did it in groups and that put me at ease. Even though Belfast is quite small for a city, homelessness is an issue here too, and I never realised how prominent it was. With outside in we want to change the statuesque and raise awareness around homelessness and living on the streets.

One thing I am very grateful for is these giving nights, this is what inspires the company to keep doing what we are doing.

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