Looking For Balance

Taking too much on has always been my kryptonite. With two incredible jobs something had got to give.

Developing a strong work ethic is one of the most important things to establish while on placement. And it can prove so difficult, learning about the other staff, navigating through the politics of professionalism and just being a nice person can overwhelm anyone. Especially if you are trying to do all this in more then one place.

While my professional life was in full swing my personal life was nonexistent, that was a sacrifice I thought I was comfortable with but when push comes to shove everybody needs time to themselves. To reflect on situations and behaviours and most importantly to do nothing.

Self care has come back and now even universities are looking at how they can help their students. It’s as easy as reading a book on the bus or putting a face mask on. Even catching up with your friends can have great benefit to your mental and even physical health. And so began my journey of trying to find balance between work and life.

It was challenging, to switch off after work and to not bring work home with me. Drawing a line was one of my toughest decisions, but it had to be done. I also stopped agreeing to cover last minute shifts, this gave me time to spend with friends and even catch up on housework. This was one of the key lessons I learned during placement.

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