Joining a New Team & staying busy: Cinemagic Bootcamp

TEAM “Together Everyone Achieves More”

From the first day I started I was welcomed to the team at OI, the work itself was not adventurous I sewed fro 7 hours a day, but the people, thats what made me come into work with a smile on my face.

What I discovered as well was that the majority of us were new to the team, working out our dynamics and learning about each other was an interesting process. We also looked at other roles and how to expand our own expertise to help the team become more successful in the long term. There were changes coming our way as the business kept growing and growing.

While continuing my work at Outside In I made sure I was at full capacity outside of work. One such event was the Cinemagic Bootcamp hosted in collaboration with Belfast Screen Skills. There I learned about each and every film department, from costume to stage to camera to locations. I had very little film making knowledge at the beginning but by the end of the day I found myself engaging in all sorts of conversations with other young aspiring filmmakers.

One lesson I took away from the Cinemagic Bootcamp was that structure and systems are very important, the film industry has an impeccable system in place, it is quite patriarchal but is designed in a way that makes sure you’ve got the necessary skills before getting to the position you desired. The golden rule is practice makes perfect which I have to say I agree with.

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