First Week of Placement

The first few weeks of working at Outside In were a lot, it was such a creative environment and I quickly discovered that a lot of the team is also quite new. this put me a bit more at ease.

With the Christmas market around the corner and collections piling up there was a lot to do and honesty I felt like I needed direction. There was so much I wanted to prove so much I wanted to show that I felt like an imposter I had some but not a lot of experience with streetwear and definitely not something of this calibre. The lack of Head of Fashion also didn’t help and it took a lot to find someone who understood what Outside In stands for. But we had so much to celebrate as a team, there was never a dull moment in the Oi office and the warm welcome I got stayed with me throughout.

While working at OI I also got an interview with a bridal “of-the-peg” boutique called WED2B again I went through 2 interviews and a training session before I got the offer, however this was a great opportunity to incorporate one-on-one consulting which, I had experience in, while I worked at Una Rodden. Bridal wear is something I always found fascinating and contrary to public opinion bridal wear is quite complex. Whoever knew there could be up to six different styles of embroidery on one dress? Or the difference between satin and mikado? It was a steep learning curve, there was also a reward system in place we didn’t work on commission but there was paperwork to be filled out after every bride to see where we could improve next time.

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