Parisian moment before placement.

Before the official start of placement, our Course Director organised a group trip to Paris.

This trip was educational but it also showed a Parisian dream. I think at least once in the life of a designer theres that moment when you wish to be in Paris. To live and breath the culture.

This was my first time in Paris and like the tourist I am I wanted to see everything. One of the most exiting parts of the trip was the Louvre museum, I could spend days in there with no end. The Picasso Museum was another astounding place, the artist is one of my favourites impressionist painters of the twentieth century.

Another unforgettable experience was the Premier Vision Conference where you get to meet all of the manufacturers and see the behind the scenes of fashion from innovation to labels to jewellery. It was an overwhelming but amazing experience.

The highlight of the trip for me however, was the museum of Yves Saint Laurent. There I got to walk around his studio learn about the genius and see some of the finest pieces of his work.

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