A Glimps at UX/UI design

While my placement evolved around fashion I do enjoy broadening out my own knowledge of the design industry and one thing I am really interested in is UX and UI design. In a lot of ways I find similarities between the two, fashion is also about user experience and aesthetics.

I attended a lot of events with Ladies that UX, Puppet, Women Who Code and Fathom, these events where usually based on the subject of designing for the user experience but also there is a very supportive community. Interestingly, the ladies involved in UX/UI organise events and conferences which are really inspirational, especially from a woman’s perspective. This is something I think the fashion community lacks, the supportive networks that these ladies achieve through these events.

Learning about code has been a fun adventure for me, I had started learning coding in Secondary school but decided to carry it on as a hobby throughout university. I hope to at some point to experience it in full swing, later on in my career.

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